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Aphrodite making trouble for her usual

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Below you'll find the Titles of all our present 
Priestesses. As I mentioned on the information page, we do 
not yet have any Priests. If you'd like to become a 
Priestess (or Priest) to Cupid, please email me at the address below or 
come to our Temple.
Sinn: High Priestess Priestess of the Love Arrows Keeper of the Bath Keeper of Cupid's Chambers
KimD: High Priestess Priestess of the Kiss Keeper (and Applier) of Cupid's Body Oil Keeper of Cupid's Chambers
Dragonflyer: Cupid's Bard Priestess of Peace Priestess of the Waterfall Priestess of Candles Temple Sorceress Priestess of Thwarting Aphrodite Keeper of the Champagne and Strawberries
Nymph: Priestess of Cupid's Quiver Keeper of Cupid's Heart
Kiari: Liason to Hades Keeper of the Romance
Destine: Keeper (and Priestess) of the Leathers Temple Healer Keeper (and Applier) of Cupid's Suntan Oil Priestess of Cupid's Muscles
Zelena: Priestess of Babysitting Bliss Keeper (and Organizer) of Cupid's Love Missions Keeper of the Bow
Etana: Priestess of the Love Lotion Priestess of Mischief Priestess of Flirting Keeper of the Honey
Fushia: Keeper of Secrets Interface to Apollo
Skye: Priestess of Serenity Priestess of the Sky Keeper of the Faith
Kriket: Priestess of the Feathers
Pyro: Priestess of the Golden Strands
Angelyne: Priestess of Moonlight Priestess of Flowers Keeper of the Temple Rose Gardens Keeper of the Temple's Treasures
Athena: Priestess of Passion Priestess of Desire
*Aurian: Keeper of the Wind Priestess of Wisdom Priestess of Travel Priestess of Air-related Sorcery
Aurora: Priestess of True Love Priestess of Magic Priestess of Music Keeper of the Stars
Darielle: Keeper of the Temple Animals Priestess of the Dance Priestess of Cupids Sense of Humor Priestess of Cupids Northern Temples
Lady Shalott: Priestess of Beauty Attendant to Psyche Keeper of Cupid's Smile
Celest: Cupid's Representative to the Gods Cupid's Counselor Priestess of Cupids Kiss Caretaker of Cupid's Affairs

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