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Backgrounds of the Priestesses

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Race: Celtic/Human

Trade: Candle-Maker/Sorceress

Skills & Powers: Highly Psychic/A Medium/Mind-Reader/Excellent with staff, sword and dagger/Has some healing powers/Understands animals/Good with Magick

Appearance: 5'4"/Hip-length Chestnut brown hair w/red highlights/Curvy-figure/Golden eyes/High cheekbones/Full lips/Exotic/Lightly-tanned skin/Her normal attire is almost exactly like that of Nemesis..except midnight-blue in color rather than tan-brown

Temple Duties & Titles: High Priestess/Priestess of the Love Arrows/Keeper of the Bath/Keeper of Cupid's Chambers/Keeper of Grey

Area From: Britannia..has a British accent of course *g*

Summary of Background: She goes by Sinn, but her full name is Sinnda. Daughter of ordinary mortals, her mother Saundra was a homemaker while her father Ben was a tavern/inn-owner and cook. She has a sister named Miranda who is a year younger than she and works in their father's tavern. When she was growing up in Britannia, she had a few good friends, but the best friend of all was a boy named Greyhawk..or Grey as his friends called him. He was two years older than she and everyone knew of him because of his size. Even at the age of 13 when she met him, he towered over the other kids. Being 11 at the time, she developed a crush on Grey, but of course was too young to act on it. The two of them were inseperable. They would go on "adventures" together, pretending to fight off bad guys and always coming out the victor. When Sinn was 15 and Grey was 17, the two of them did act on their long bottled-up feelings for each other, and began to date. By this time, Grey had reached his full size of 7'4" and 480 lbs. His hair was long and light brown in color, and he'd grown a goatee. Everyone smiled at them everywhere they went because they were such opposites size-wise. The relationship blossomed until she began having dreams about Gods. Every night she would dream about two powerful deities fighting, and she felt them calling out to her to join them. After much debate and heated arguments with Grey, she left Britannia and her home at age 21..much to her parents dismay. Her family was always close-knit and her parents worried about her traveling on her own. She felt she had to go however, she wanted to find out what was causing the dreams. She took a ship to Greece, not fully understanding why, and started to search for what called her. Not long after she arrived in Greece, she met Xena and Gabrielle in a Tavern. They saved her from a bunch of drunken, horny men and she became fast friends with them both. The three of them traveled together for over a year..Xena teaching her the sword and dagger while Gabrielle taught her to use a staff. During this time, she also met Joxer. They became fast friends, and Sinn always took up for him if the need ever arose. She liked his sweetness and had genuine respect for him. When she felt the time was right, she continued traveling on alone and met up with Cupid the very same day. He took her to his new Temple and told her he'd chosen her to be High Priestess along with KimD. She'd finally found the answer to her calling. Cupid had worked out a deal with Ares to share her duties..which was why she was having dreams of more than one God, but it was made clear her primary loyalty was to Cupid. She now has a pet Timber-wolf she named Dakota who was a birthday present from Iolaus. She and Iolaus had been an item for awhile after she arrived in Greece, but he has recently become involved with a fellow Priestess, and she has become involved with Joxer, although she knows in her heart that Grey is her one true love. Grey surprised her several months after she arrived at the Temples by joining up with both her Gods, joining Ares as one of His Warlords, and serving Cupid as a Priest. Not more than a week after he arrived at Ares' however, he was sent to fight in the God's latest war, and he and Sinn have had no time to work out their problems. He has only just returned to the Temples.

Personality Traits: Quiet/Sensuous/Somewhat mysterious/Loves to laugh and have fun/Very loyal to her Sister Priestesses..Ares and Cupid/Dislikes conflict and fighting/Very peaceful nature/Affectionate and loves to hug/Outgoing

Special Job: High Priestess

Hunks: Cupid/Ares/Iolaus/Hercules/Greyhawk aka Grey/Sarpedon/Joxer


NAME: Etana

RACE: Celtic

SPECIAL SKILLS: Gathering information as a scout and observer, the ability to 'understand' small animals and intuitively communicate with them. The ability to 'know' something about someone/thing by touching it. Also skilled with a sword and especially daggers. Excellent horsewoman.

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Golden-brown eyes that change with emotions. Almost waist length, rich mahogany hair. 5'6", shapely but firm, with underlying trim muscle. Golden skin tone.

CHARACTER BACKGROUND: Father and Grandfather were both Ares warlords. Grandfather's parents were Ate (The Goddess of Discord and Mischief, whose parents are Zeus and Eris, The Goddess of Strife) and Aristaeurs (God of the hunt, agriculture, cattle and bees, whose parents are Apollo and the nymph Cyrene). Ate had no time for the infant she bore so her sisters, (The Litai, who repair the damage their sister does to mortals) without Aristaeurs knowledge, gave the infant to some mortals to make up for the loss of their own child. The Goddess of Mirth, Euphrosyne, who is one of the three charities, has a special interest in me and watches over me!

PERSONALITY TRAITS: Mischievious of course! (Especially towards those warlords!) Very loyal to fellow priestesses and Ares. But sometimes Ares, just isn't around, sooooo....those hunky warlords can be very appealing. A passionate nature is just under the surface. Generally, I am an observer but will also jump right into situations if needed. I also tend to get myself into interesting situations. Or my ferrets get me into them! Love to laugh. But don't get on my bad side, my pranks can turn nasty! After a whim of some gods, the ability to sense things by touch has changed my personality. Besides a temper sometimes there is an intensity about me.

TEMPLE DUTIES: Priestess of Mischief, Priestess of Stealth, Keeper of the Honey and Bees, Keeper of the Ferrets, Keeper of the CFS (Chocolate Fudge Sauce)

SPECIAL JOB: Gather information for Ares warlords. Make trouble in the temple (pranks), Raise bees and collect the honey And use it of course!


Race: Olympian Demi-Goddess

Trade: War..War is her *life*. Zelena is called a great many things..a Warrioress, Warlordess, Princess, Queen, Warrior Queen, Demi-Goddess, Olympian, Priestess.

Special Skills/Powers: In the past, Zelena has tried to ignore the Godly powers she has inherited because she wanted absolutely nothing to do with the one she had inherited those powers from..her real mother..Aphrodite. She has..however..used her powers many times now and sometimes lets them be shown. She has the ability to disappear/reappear/become invisible..such as the way with Gods. She is *very* skilled in all matters of war. She's a skilled leader of wars, raids and battles, and a very skilled tactician. She leads Ares:God of War's men and armies quite often in battle. Her sword usually isn't very far from her side, and is very special to her. She has also mastered the chakram and shirkens. She's very good at pressure points, using various ones throughout the body to immobilize and/or kill her enemies. She doesn't have to use that tactic very often, however..because she has much more interesting ways of killing. She is especially good at martial arts and is exceptionally lithe and agile. Of course there are certain Godly powers..lightning bolts, balls of fire, energy blasts, etc..that she uses often. Even Ares and Cupid don't know how powerful she is or the extent of her powers.

Background: At first she tried hard to let her origins be mysterious, but all the Gods knew of her. Everyone that had the fortune or misfortune of meeting her knew there was something different about her and she definitely wasn't a common mortal. All that she says of her family (her mortal side) is that her father is the late King Islar that ruled in a vast kingdom south of Athens. She is often called Princess of Athens, and if she will but claim her kingdom she will no longer be Princess..but Queen. It is known that she had a twin brother Xian whom she'd always been close to all of her life until his death. He was killed in battle by an enemy Warlord..Aragon..not so long ago. She doesn't say or let on, but her twin brother's death affected her so much more than anyone knows..besides Cupid. Xian and Zelena were born of one of Aphrodite's trysts with a mortal King. Aphrodite is of course, not the motherly type, and Zelena was never very familiar with her. In a way, she blamed her mother for not helping Xian when he died and for never being there for them. Cupid, her half-brother..completely acknowledges her as his sister and they have helped each other both in the past and the present. Very odd for her, but she does help the Love God on his "Love Missions". Zelena was first a Priestess to Ares, but Cupid made her a Priestess, also. Sometimes she and Cupid share a bond..not only of being able to read each other's minds and feelings..but of actually feeling what the other feels. Zelena is related to most of the Olympian Gods and Hercules is her uncle. They didn't get along in the past, because he wanted her to quit the life she lead, and leave Ares and War behind..and use her powers to help others like he does. Xena feels the same way, and she and Zelena don't actually get along very well because Xena thinks she is leading an evil life, and she wants her to turn "good". Zelena can't stop..War is her life, her essence. She and Ares have shared many victories and glories on the battlefield and elsewhere. Zelena had been killed by the Warlord Aragon also..and she always searches for him, but it's as if he is nowhere to be found in the mortal world. Ares forced Hades to give her back to him after her death. He took her from the mortal world and imprisoned her in an ancient Temple. Cupid set her free..and she escaped..but only to die again because she hadn't rejoined with her body. She then went to Olympus and Zeus showed her a place among the other Olympians..making her a full Goddess for a short time, and she looked as she would have looked if she had been born a full Goddess (she looked *so* much like Aprhodite..blonde hair and all). However, Ares came to get her again and she finally agreed to return to the mortal world..but on *her* terms as well. When she dies the final time in her lifetime, her mortal half will leave her, and she will once again go to Olympus and become a reigning full Goddess.

Personality Traits: She was given the nickname "Death's Kiss" by Ares..and the name becomes legendary across the battlefield and the countryside. The name describes her well. She is very perceptive, feels what others feel, and has a way of looking into their eyes to see into their souls. She is also very passionate about everything she believes in. War is her belief, the very breath she breathes. She is very determined, very stubborn, and willful. Actually, "stubborn" doesn't even begin to describe her. Ares, Cupid and all who know her know this to be true. Along with her passionate nature comes *Exteme* determination. Once she has gotten something in her mind..she will not stop until it's done or the problem is annihilated. One rarely sees a glimpse of her own soul. She keeps her emotions tucked away and her feelings masked very well. Only a few Gods or people that are very close to her know what she is thinking or feeling part of the time. The only thing that sometimes betrays her emotions is her eyes..the have the most expression. She is a "free spirit"..she's not happy unless she's free to do as she wishes. She will defy absolutely *anyone*..mortal or God..and she will bow to no-one, but she does show respect for her Grandfather Zeus. She loves challenges. She is neither Evil or Good. She's something in between. She sometimes says the good part of her died along with her twin brother Xian.

Physical Appearance: 5'8"/Long medium-brown hair to just past her waist with bronze highlights and sunstreaks/Her eyes are originally deep, dark sapphire blue, but they change colors with her moods and feelings..shades of blue, purple, silver, almost colorless and sometimes deepest, darkest black.If she goes into battle and/or uses her Godly powers they turn almost golden..glowing in their intensity. She does not have a lot of muscle, nor is she super skinny. Her body is firm. She is strong, yet lithe and agile. Really firm, yet soft. Her waist is very small, she has long legs and a very ample chest. She loves wearing any and all kinds of leather. Her usual is black or red battle attire..her battle leathers..all very tight. She loves things to be so tight they're almost a second skin and mold to her shape. Maybe it stems from her palace life in the past, but she also loves very sexy and long elegant gowns too..but not in pink. She hates pink and pastels when it comes to clothing. She can fight in anything, and would just as soon go into battle wearing a very elaborate gown as her regular black leather attire. She wears a talisman around her neck of two entwined silver serpents along with many other intricate carvings, and she has a second medallion/talisman that was her brothers..and she keeps that always on her or near her too. Together they have a mysterious power when combined.

Temple Duties and Titles: Keeper and Organizer of Cupid's Love Missions/Priestess of Babysitting Bliss/Keeper of the Bow/Sister to Cupid

Nickname and Reputation: Death's Kiss


Full Name:~ Nyree-Athos-Rose (Although nicknamed by Cupid 'French Kiss')

Age:~ 25 years of age.

Race:~ Human (Medicine Woman).

Homeland:~ 17th century Paris.

Mother:~ Sabine (Princess of France) still alive, but unknown of her whereabouts.

Father:~ Athos (Leader of the Musketeers) murdered in his sleep by an unknown killer.

Physical Features:~ Hair:~ Long, visable dark red with some small, dark yellow streaks among it.

Eyes:~ Translucent green with an uncanny sign of determination.

Height:~ 5'15.

Skin:~ Soft, baby smooth and white.

Special Feature:~ Firm, strong jaw coming from her Father.

Background:~ Paris was in the state of a dreadful epidemic when Nyree was born because of the Black Death that had been somehow resurrected and all the citizens of France were dying out or infected. At the palace, the captain of the guards quickly rushed her, her parents, and a couple of castle servants into a coach and sent them to a faraway forest. There the survivors tried to find medicines to see if the disease could be warded away. At the age of 19, Rose had learned how to concoct all different medicines and penicilins so the camp could live on them. They amazingly worked and she earned the title of 'Duran Duran'or in common language 'Medicine Woman'. The young Nyree-Rose also was taught how to fight, Athos gave her a unique sword that spun when twirled, in which was considered as a father and daughter bond. Everyday Nyree either learned Medicine or Combat Skills. One night however hearing a gun shot coming from Father's tent, she ran to his bed and found a bullet hole in his neck with his ear blown off a few centimeters away. Upon seeing this, Sabine burst out crying while some of the servants searched the forest trying to find clues. Knowing the camp was in danger, her mother sent her daughter and her horse Primivera on a journey to find a new life. The girl objected to this, but her parent told her that the world needed more knowledge of health to solve their problems. From there Nyree-Athos-Rose agreed and set off across countries like Asia, China, Rio and South Africa helping their people as well as utilizing their different methods of healing the sick. A few days later however, when training and studying the young doctor was kidnapped by two mysterious men in tight black suits and taken into what looked like a large, green porthole. On the other side she noticed that the time zone was different all together. Seeing buildings like the accropolis but only they were not in the same ruined condition that was in her books, instead it was standing and newly built.. realizing she had been taken to Ancient Greece. It was a good thing that one of the servants taught Nyree geology and about different customs. Walking around, trying to find a place to live like an abandoned hut or a hotel, she found out that there were different temples belonging to Gods such as Zeus, Athena, Ares and Cupid. Considering the chances, she tried the Temple of Cupid and was pleasantly surprised that the priestesses welcomed the traveler with open arms. Deciding that the given names were too suspicious, the name was narrowed down to Nyree_Rose.

Special Skills/Powers:~ The rapid brain power to think up different medicines and solutions to any of the priestesses health problems. Extraordinary fighter... while running, she twirls the weapon faster and faster while in her other hand, she spins a thin shield made from titanium that can slice an enemy in half. She is wise beyond her years, and although she occasionally fights when needed (eg. like in Cupid's defense) Nyree would better prefer to help those who need her expertise. (At one point, she and Ares the God of War had a sword fight for fun, but she ended up slashing his arm.) A good listener, and tries to help those who are stressed, unsure or misguided.

Temple Titles:~ Keeper of Medicine Temple Brainiac Temple Doctor Temple Therapist

Pets:~ Aramis:~ Albino stallion Porthos:~ Palamino stallion D'Artanian:~ Mountain Cougar Louis:~ South American Lynx

My heros/friends/gods:~ The Three Musketeers, (Porthos was my favorite) My heroes here include Cupid (of course) Ares (though I am not so sure that I would be his favorite guest with that slash on his arm) I have made a long term friendship with the Rajah of India and his daughter Francesca.

Quotes: 'One for all and all for one'


NAME; Aurian

RACE; Hyperborean, In greek myth, a legendary people believed to live beyond the North Wind, in a land of unbroken sunshine where they enjoy continuous happiness.

TRADE; Changed throughout my life. I am now a sorceress and spell caster, who works mainly with the way of the winds.

SKILLS; My people bear wings, so of course so do I, thus making me a useful messenger and traveller as rough terrain affects me not. I have learned the skill of riding the winds and spinning them to my advantage.

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE; Just as my picture portrays me.

DUTIES/TITLES; Keeper of the winds upon which Cupid flys, Priestess of Wisdom, travel and air-related sorcery.

PAST;. When I was 11 I found a strange metal object, much like the egyptian ankh in a clump of bushes just outside my village. Curious, I waved the ankh about and soon found I could tamper with the winds direction and speed. I practiced more, and with time I discovered ways to enchant the winds, bend them to my will. The only problem was that there was a law within the realm of the hyperboreans, one set down by our wind-God Boreas himself. None must tamper with the forces of nature, i.e.sorcery, magic and wind-spells. For years I dared not touch the ankh again, but one summer day when the helios was high in its zenith my people began to notice that there was no wind. Without wind, a winged Hyperborean cannot travel far, as we are clumsy on our feet, and have no roads. For a whole week the wind did not blow, and though the priests of Boreas made sacrifice after sacrifice, the wind God stayed absent. Hunger was beginning to sweep the villages; there was no food on the sparse mountains upon which we lived, all food was grown in terraces on the foothills that we could not reach. It was the day when my tiny sister grew sick that I decided to use the ankh. The only medicine that could cure her rasp cough grew in the furthest valleys, unreachable to all but the winged ones. I ran to my chambers where I kept the ankh and spilled its powers to the winds. Slowly a breeze began to conjour between the hills and the people of the villages ran out and blessed Boreas's return. Though one young child noticed it was not Boreas who called the winds. "Look! That girl has called the winds with that strange metal thing!" Suddenly there was another gust of wind, much colder this time and everyone recognized the power of Boreas as he swept down from the skies. "Aurian!" He boomed, his face contorted in rage "How dare you steal the great ankh of the Wind God! I leave your people for a measly fortnight, and immediately you believe your god has deserted you! I forever banish you from my lands!" "But Boreas, great God of the North Wind, I beg you, I did not steal this ankh, but rather found it. I remembered your law, and so dared not to use it for sometime, but people were hungry and my little sister sick, why is it so a sin to use this in a time of need?" I pleaded. "You dare defy me, mortal?! Go, at once and do not attempt to return or I shall blow you off the mountain top to your death. And take your stinking ankh with you, it is no use to me now that it is stained with mortal magic." Finished the God. Knowing not what else I could do, I said a tearful goodbye to my family and left for the land of mortals. Here, I stayed solitary for many years, but I have since longed for human company and decided to put my skills at the disposal of a kinder God- and what sweeter god is there than Cupid? So here I am ready to serve with fierce loyalty, if you will so accept me.

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