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Portrait Credit Luis Royo

Name: Mikalus

Race: Demi-God

Trade: Vigilante/Bounty Hunter

Temple Duties: Temple Guardian
Temple Titles: Warlord of Honor
Keeper of the Temple's Treasures
Warlord of Chivalry

Physical Appearance: 6í3íí, 200 lbs, Dark brown hair and eyes. Slim, firm, well toned muscular body, 26 years old

Special Skills/Powers: Demi-God Powers: I have the ability to heal people but when I use my healing powers it drains my life force. So, after I use my healing powers I become extremely weak and if the injury Iím healing is severe I usually pass out. Iím an empath, meaning I have the ability to sense emotions emitted by people. I have a very special ability which allows me to sense what a woman desires romantically and sexually. I also have the ability to discharge from my palms or fists bolts of intense kinetic energy. Using my kinetic powers has the same effect on me that using my healing powers do so, I donít use those two powers that often because of the weakening effects they have on myself.
Human Skills: Excellent horseman, Expert swordsman and also very proficient in the use of daggers and a bow/crossbow. I can also fight expertly hand to hand and with a staff. I have a horse named Mystic and pet panther named Isis who recently gave birth to two cubs, Majestic (Male) and Basti (Female).

Character Background: I was born in Cirra and grew up with and was the best friend of Callisto. My mother died in childbirth (so I thought) and I was raised by my father. During Xenaís attack my father was killed so I went to live with my aunt and uncle. My uncle was a blacksmith and taught me his trade. When I was 15 my demi-god powers started to manifest themselves. I didnít know what was happening to me or where my powers had come from. Then one day Artemis appeared to me and revealed to me that she was my mother and that was why I had my powers. My father had lied about my mother dying during childbirth to keep me from knowing that Artemis was my real mother and that she didnít want to raise me. Artemis told me that times were chaotic when she gave birth to me and she didnít want to endanger my life so she gave me to my father to raise me. I never forgave her for abandoning me until two years later when she brought my pet panther Isis back to life after she was killed by a villager who thought she was evil and had to be destroyed. Artemis taught me with the help of Athena and Aphrodite to use my demi-god powers. I thought I was the only survivor from Cirra until I heard about a woman warlord whose description was exactly like that of my best childhood friend Callisto. I found out she was assembling an army to bring down Xena. I joined her army and she taught me to fight. I left her army right after she heard that Xena had renounced her evil ways and had turned good. She went psycho and became so totally obsessed with killing Xena that I didnít want anything to do with her. A few years later I was engaged to Selara when I heard Xena had killed Callisto. I went to the quicksand bog where she died and threw some flowers in the quicksand in memory of my best childhood friend. When I returned I found out Selara had been killed by her ex-boyfriend who didnít like her being engaged to me. Between hearing that Callisto had died and that my fiance had been killed I snapped and became filled with rage and hate. I broke into the town jail and killed Selaraís murderer then set out on my own and became a bounty hunter. I hunted down and killed criminals and thugs so that no one had to experience the pain and loss that I had. Along the way I met and fell in love with Etana. We were lovers for two years but she left me because of how my rage and hatred consumed my life. Iíve since learned to control my rage and hatred.

Personality Traits: There are two sides to Mikalus. A caring, sensitive, loving and compassionate side which everyone sees. He has a great sense of humor. He treats women with respect and is very chivalrous towards them. Heís furiously loyal and protective when it comes to his friends, family, lovers, and his horse and panthers. Then thereís his vicious, bloodthirsty, ruthless and rage filled side which manifests itself on the battlefield or when heís in bounty hunter mode. It takes a lot to anger him but when he becomes angry beware anyone or thing around him. He becomes a male version of Callisto.


Portrait Credit Unknown

Name: Xanthos (Brother to GabXantia)

Role in the tribe: Joint in command
Role in the Temple of Cupid: Priest of Magic (he helps Xantia with the love spells) and he is the second Guardian of the Temple. He is protector of the Priestesses and joins Mikalus in wooing them.

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Weapon: Armour of protection

Description: He is thought to be an honest and trusting person. He believes in the freedom of all and dreams of the bringing of a new era for us in Britannia. He helps to lead the tribe with great wisdom and courage. We all owe the collectiveness of the tribe to his ability to bring calmness and order. If there is ever a moment when havoc would break loose, he would be there to cease and obliterate the thought.

His Story: Xanthos is the brother of GabXantia. He too was taken to Greece by the warriors of Morton, but he escaped. He later was stationed in Ketton's army at a very young age. There he learned how to fight and received his armour of protection but there never crossed a day when he did not think of his elder sister, and wondered if she was suffering any great pain. But being in the army wasn't everything he expected, he hoped to find the wisdom and knowledge of understanding the true meaning of fighting for justice and helping your fellow man. There was no luck in that, Ketton turned out to be a ruthless, murdering, bumbling idiot who only believed in destruction. Xanthos was treated badly, he too would dream of escaping Ketton's army and finding GabXantia but for now he would have to wait for the right moment he was too young and weak to fight and escape. At the age of 23 that moment came, it was when Xena's story was told to Britannia. The news told that Xena and Gabrielle travelled across the country terrain and risked life and limb for each other, they never let warloards win and believed in freedom, by this Xanthos was motivated to escape Ketton's army and find GabXantia. Xanthos's attempt to escape did not go unharmed, he now bears the scar on his soul, one which will take time to heal. You see Xanthos fell in love with one of the slave girls on the army campus. She was beautiful, like her name Surean, with long dark brown hear and green eyes her soul projected a princess quality to Xanthos and within minutes he was captured by her. He would see her every day when Ketton ordered his women slave dancers to entertain him and the army. Xanthos had plans to take her with him when he escaped the campus, but when that day came Ketton was there waiting and killed Surean while they were escaping. So you see Xanthos lost his love and gained his freedom all in one day. There is an irony to this, but Xanthos sees it as Surean finally receiving her freedom, he knows they will one day meet again. He picked up his broken soul and travelled south to Greece, on his travels he met a wise-man who taught him the old ways of magic. The main area was telekinesis and the ability to teleport himself from one place to the next. He believed that once he would master this technique he could teleport himself to GabXantia. The only trouble was where to find her. His answer came when one day he was visited by a beautiful woman, Sinn: High Priestess of Cupid's temple. She explained to him the goings on in Greece and what had become of his sister, GabXantia. She told him the proposal of becoming a priest and reuniting him and GabXantia together once again. He was overwhelmed by this and loved the idea of becoming joint leader of the tribe. This finally gave him the opportunity to become the man he wanted to be. This started the journey to his Destiny that he had known for time. It was finally to come that he would learn the true ways of a cunning warrior of peace and justice.

Portrait Credit Jeffrey Bedrick

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