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Links to Other Cupid/Karl Urban Sites

Bliss causing more havoc for the Priestesses

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Below you will find links to sites dealing with our Lord Cupid or with his alter ego Karl Urban. This isn't a very large link list because sites are scarce. If you know of or have a site on Cupid or Karl, please use the email address at the bottom of the screen to let us know and we'll add it. Thanks..hope to see you in the Temple!

Xena/Herc Hunk Page
Site run by KimD with great photos, links and more..all credit for the Cupid photos on this site goes to KimD..thanks Kim!
Shrine of the Urbanites
My Karl Urban site..links, pics, quotes and information on Karl
Kriket's Cupid Page
More on Cupid..pics, links, and a message board
Kiwi Hunk Exchange
Lots of great links
Caesar's Palace
Pics, sounds, links and stuff on WarriorCon
Karl Urban Fan Page
Images, bio and links
Temple of Love
Photos and a guestbook
Kiwi Lounge
Bio and information on Karl
Psamanthe's Karl Urban Page
Pics of Caesar and Cupid..plus a few links
Sura's Karl Urban at WarriorCon Page
Pics of Karl at WarriorCon in Washington, DC
Ped's Karl Urban Page
Surveys done about Karl, links, sounds, and more to come
Ceallach's WarriorCon:Karl Urban Page
Pics of Karl at WarriorCon in Washington, DC
Xena UK
Xena page with a role-playing theme..has some info and pics of our favorite winged-one, with promises of more to come

Portrait Credit Jeffrey Bedrick

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