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Race: Daughter of a Warlord and an Amazon

Trade: I've recently been creating my own oils.

Special Skills/Powers: Inherently skilled fighter, but could use some more training. Good judge of character..good with first impressions. Has a talent for reading people (not their minds, but their actions and words).

Background: When born, mother gave me away to a childless couple for two reasons. One, because Warlord father threatened to take me away and make me into a Warlord. Two, because I reminded her of him and she hated him. At the age of 12, my father discovered where I was and looted the village, killing my "parents". I hated him for that. I lived with him for four years. He tried to train me in weapons and fighting, but I fought him much of the time. I didn't let on, but I did pick up basic skills in many things. At 16, my mother's tribe rescued me..feeling remorse for letting me go, but after only two years I ran away because my father continuously led attacks against the Amazons and it was wearing them down. I met Autolycus in his wilder, more ruthless days and traveled with him. He taught me a lot about stealth and how to use charm to my advantage. He certainly charmed me. He became my first love(r) and I fell hard, but deep down I knew it wouldn't work. He started disappearing for weeks at a time, and excluding me on his jobs. I left after my 19th birthday..we parted friends..only to be found by my father again. He kept me prisoner (though thanks to Auto's teaching me how to pick locks, I ran away several times, only to be found again), and tried to force more training on me. I learned, hoping to use it one day to escape. When I was 21, he took me to Ares' Temple to worship. He asked Ares to help him make me into a Warrior like Xena. I prayed too, though..and told Ares I would serve him if he would rescue me from my father. He did. I've spent a lot of time at Cupid's Temple too..(and was chosen by Him to be his High Priestess).

Physical Appearance: 5'3 1/2"/Normally has dark blonde hair but was temporarily bleached-blonde since Bliss dumped a bottle of peroxide on my head/Hazel-Green eyes/Slightly athletic

Personality Traits: Loyal to Ares and Cupid. Fiercely loyal to the Priestesses. A sucker for a hunky man. I have a bad habit of falling for bad boys and smooth talkers. That's how I got here in the first place. Usually quiet..but sometimes babbles when on a fave subject (aka a hunky man). Wonderful listener and often good advice-giver. Considers self quite a therapist. Temper is slow to rise, but when it does..it's bad..but usually abates quickly..unless I take the thing I'm mad about personally. Then I hold grudges. I'm a sucker for a sincere apology and will usually let go of a grudge for one.

Hero Worship: I greatly admire traits of many. Callisto's passion, Caesar's ambition, Hercules and Gabrielle's innate goodness, Xena's skill (at everything). I try to find things to admire in everyone. No "one" hero, really.

Temple Duties & Titles: High Priestess/Priestess of the Kiss/Keeper (and Applier) of Cupid's Body Oil/Keeper of Cupid's Chambers

Special Job: High Priestess

Hunks: Cupid/Ares/Autolycus/Caesar/Ulysses/Hades/Heph/Herc


Race: I'm not sure I remember either Meadow (limoniad) or fresh water (naiad) nymph

Trade: Seamstress/Designer

Special skills: Nymphs have many..

Background: Ulysses found me washed up on a beach. My first memory is of him waking me. I remember nothing of my past (not even my name) or how I came to be on that beach. I spent a short time on Ulysses' ship, then decided to set out in search of my past. I was drawn to the Temple of Ares..I'm still not sure why. I soon found my way to serving Cupid.

Appearance: 5'1"/Wavy light-golden brown, almost waist-length hair/grayish-green eyes

Personality: Loyal to my chosen Gods and Sister Priestesses/Always a thinker/Good listener/Ever helpful and very talkative

Hero: Ulysses..because he rescued me and cared for me when I had nothing

Fighting: My Weapon of Choice is throwing daggers, but I'm also good with a sword and a warstaff

Temple Duties & Titles: Temple Designer/Seamstress/Priestess of Cupid's Quiver/Keeper of Cupid's Heart

Hunks: Ares/Iolaus/Cupid/Caesar/Hades/Heph/Ulysses/Draco Iphicles/Auto/Darnelle/Herc..pretty much all of them I guess


Race: Speaker to dragons/From Tarsus/Goddess

Trade: Spellcaster/Bard

Special Skills/Powers: Spellcaster and speaking to dragons. I'm a musician, I sing and draw cartoons.

Appearance: 5'3"/Strawberry-blonde hair/Blue eyes/Very dainty-looking..I used to be confused with Gabrielle (people thought we looked alike)

Personality: I worship no one, love riding on dragons, love horses. I tend to drink to overcome my shyness. Extremely shy but is getting more and more open to people. Always tends to be the logical one. I'm a really good listener and advice-giver. I tend to meddle in Ares' affairs and then try to help him out of them. I may not seem like much of a talker, but if we're good friends I can talk your ear off (especially if the topics's right). I don't get mad very often (only at guys who are being idiotic). I hate false people. It's better if you show me your real side than be what everyone thinks you should be. I'm still learning my spellcasting art. I became a witch when I met the dragons. They saw something special in me and thought I would be a great asset to the known world by helping them out and staying out of wars.

Background: Iolaus was my first love. I was born in Tarsus and my mother and father were the rulers (although only Iolaus, Herc, Ares and Gabrielle know this). I chose not to rule after my parents were killed (instead my adopted brother is King). Gabrielle was my first true friend. She taught me the staff, kindness to my fellow man, storytelling, and being just plain irritating at times. I met Iolaus when I was only 15 years old. We spent every waking moment together. Hercules grew angry with me because Iolaus started talking about marriage and I was heavily into Ares at the same time. I befriended the dragons on Tarsus. My personal dragon's name is Night Song and my personal horse (back on Tarsus) was a black stallion named Night Whisper.

Temple Duties & Titles: Cupid's Bard/Priestess of the Waterfall/Priestess of Peace/Temple Sorceress/Priestess of Thwarting Aphrodite/Keeper of the Champagne & Strawberries/Priestess of Candles

Hunks: Ares/Iolaus/Hercules/Cupid/Iphicles & sometimes Hades


Race: Demi-Goddess

Trade: Healer

Special Skills/Powers: I was born with the ability to spontaneously heal myself and ohers. I also have a special mental link with my panther cub Orion. As for skills, I'm an excellent swordswoman and horsewoman. Right now I'm being instructed in the use of the bow and arrow.

Appearance: 5'4"/Black waist-length hair/Lightly-tanned complexion/Almond-shaped dark-brown eyes/Curvy figure

Personality Traits: Fiercely loyal to the Priestesses & Cupid/Likes to read/A shoulder to cry on/Likes to daydream/Loves to laugh/Easy to talk to/Has a thing for tall, dark-haired men with dark-blue eyes *G*/Talks too much/Has a passion for life/Loves to learn new things

Heroes: Xena and Aphrodite

Background: For many years I had no idea who my true parents were. My adoptive mother, Talia, found me on the bank of a stream one day when I was just a small baby. Since Talia had tried for many years to have a daughter and couldn't, she decided to keep me as her own. She took me back to the village with her where my adoptive father, Tristan, was just as overjoyed to have me. They already had one older son, Jacob. As I grew up in the village, I started to realize I was different from the other children. One day, when I was about 7 years old, Jacob slipped and hit his head. I placed my hand on his forehead and healed him. It was the first time I had used my healing powers. Luckily, the village wasn't superstitious of such things and I was received with love. When I had reached maturity, I had learned enough to go gather the various herbs I needed on my own. While I was doing this one day, I came upon Jacob and three other men having an argument in the woods. The three men murdered my brother and as he lay dying, I picked up his sword to avenge him. A nearby villager had also heard the argument and had come to investigate. He found me there with my brother's bloody sword and the three dead men around me. The villager took me back to stand trial for my crimes. There was a law in effect that any sword drawn to kill another was an offense punishable by death. The counsel took pity on me and only banished me from the village instead. I wandered for many years learning various bits of healing, fighting, and even love. In time I found my way to Ares' Temple..then, later on..Cupid's Temple. It is just recently that I discovered that Apollo is my true father and that I have a twin brother by the name of Ion.

Temple Duties & Titles: Temple Healer/Priestess (and Keeper) of the Leathers/Keeper (and applier) of Cupid's Suntan Oil/Priestess of Cupid's Muscles

Hunks: Cupid/Ares/Autolycus/Hercules/Hades/Hephy


Race: A bug..sometimes a pest

Trade: Mom

Special Skills/Powers: Instinct, trained by Gabrielle in mastering the warstaff, trained by Ped in complete mastery of Whoop @$$, taught by Ares in skills of retribution, and by Xena in arts of self-defense.

Appearance: 5'9 1/2"/Waist-length black hair/Bright green eyes with blue trim (I'm not kidding)

Personality Traits: Fiercely loyal to Ares/Cupid and the Priestesses, loves water and wet hunks.

Heroes: Hercules for showing her the power of inner-strength, and Iolaus for teaching her some "Old Hunter's Tricks".

Background: A confused Amazon who has powers that she sometimes doesn't understand or know how to control..very curious.

Temple Duties & Titles: Priestess of the Feathers

Hunks: Ares/Hercules/Cupid/Hades/Iolaus


Name: AshAres

Race: Corinthian

Trade: I am a storyteller by trade, and occasionally a prophet or seer.

Special Skills/Powers: I'm a deadly archer, (like my Cupid), I have almost this sixth sense ability with animals, I have the same powers as a god, only to a lesser extent, and I'm pretty good at throwing knives.

Personality: Very irreverant sense of humor--I find humor in the most inappropriate places. I'm usually easygoing, but I tend to bottle up bad things inside, which sometimes causes temperal explosions for which I'm immediately sorry.

Background: I was born to mortal parents in a small village outside of Corinth. When I was 13 my real father died, and my mother remarried. My stepfather didn't like me because it was after my father's death that began to have visions instead of dreams (although now I have both). I stayed only a year after my mother's remarriage. I ran away at fourteen. I was attacked on the road and left there to die, but I was found by a boy and a centaur. Solan and Kalepius nursed me back to health, and Kalepius taught me archery. I wandered until I was eighteen, at which time I met a warrior named Joxer. We were together a year. At twenty-one I had a vivid vision of a darkly handsome man reaching out to give me something. He dropped it and when it faded I was holding a very small piece of ambrosia. Consuming it did not make me a god--it gave me god-like powers instead, and it intensified my visions. The same night I had a dream of a beautiful blond winged man who called out to me and led me to a place I'd never been, but then was overcome by the dark man of my vision. I awoke holding a single white feather. My search for that place led me to the Temple of Cupid, where I was recognized by his priestesses and welcomed. I also serve Ares, the dark man of my visions.

Appearance: About 5'11 or so. Hazel eyes, strong features.

Favorite Gods and Heroes: Ares, Cupid, Strife, Bliss, Iolaus, Joxer. I've worked with Salmoneous before on a get rich quick scheme, and I enjoyed it. I've also scammed and conned with both Autolycus and Rafe, and would do it again in a microsecond!

Titles: Temple Chronicler, Keeper of Cupid's Histories


Race: Adopted Gypsy

Trade: Musician (Bard)

Skills & Powers: Jai’srel is proficient at a number of instruments, but she can learn new instruments with amazing speed. Most importantly, Jai’srel can use her music to call up Elemental magic, as well as other less-known types.

Appearance: Jai’srel has long golden hair that curves around her shoulders. Her eyes are a dark blue with a beauty which have been compared to cat’s eyes.

Temple Duties & Titles: Priestess of Moonlight, Priestess of Desire

Summary of Background: Jai’srel had been brought to live with the Gypsies at a very young age, long before she could walk or even talk. She has no memory at all of where she had been before, or who her parents were. The Gypsies had found her abandoned on the road, though it looked as if she had been deliberately placed in a spot where they could find her. Jai’srel grew with the Gypsy children and considers herself to be one of them. The only apparent difference at first was a physical one: true Gypsies were dark-haired and dark-eyed, while she had blond hair and blue eyes. However, as she grew older, other differences became apparent as well. She discovered that she could hear music...and later on, change the music, creating strange and sometimes shocking results. The Gypsies knew that such power was considered dangerous by the others in the land, and sought to hide this. However, it wasn’t long before she was found out by the other races and driven away to fend on her own. She seeks her own people to this day.

Personality Traits: Jai’srel is very shy and reserved, though she is a bit more open with her sister Priestesses. She loves nature and enjoys walking in the woods alone. Music of any sort interests her, no matter what style. Love attracts Jai’srel more than anything else, which was why a kiss had been enough to bring her to the Temple.

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