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Backgrounds of the Priestesses

Gabrielle is awestruck when she meets Cupid

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Race: Part-time Goddess..ever Immortal

Trade: Weaver

Special Skills/Powers: Able to step into dreams for guidance, able to mindspeak with some of the Gods and Goddesses..and very few mortals, handy with the sword and learning the knives

Appearance: 5'4", longish dark hair, Island tan, on the curvy side

Personality Traits: Mostly mild-mannered, learning to be slightly wicked after hanging out with Autolycus, an able fighter with the sword, learning how to throw knives, a good listener, not too outspoken..but strong in character, strangely naive at times yet filled with a kind of timeless wisdom that comes from her Goddesshood, defender of her fellow Priestesses

Area From: Born in the faraway land of her mother..a Goddess named Speranza, grew up in the house of her father, Morpheus

Background: Kiari is a disposed Goddess (Morpheus banished her after she became a non-virgin Goddess). Although she retains her Goddess powers some of the time, she prefers to go along as a mortal would. When she was a Goddess, she apprenticed with the Fates (hence her weaving skills) and also with Celesta, Hades' sister. She is immortal, although she recently "died" at the hands of Discord. Kiari's resurrection has Mount Olympus in a kind of uproar as they contemplate her fate. She continues on her earthly and underworldly duties. She is a Priestess of Ares, where she is the Temple Weaver. Ares is none too pleased with her divided loyalties, especially since she is able to appear as a Goddess to Cupid (she's not allowed with Ares).

Temple Duties/Titles: Liaison to Hades/Keeper of Romance

Special Job: As the Keeper of Romance, she answers petitions from the lovelorn. She also has her underworld connections, not that Cupid has much call for them.

Hunks: Ares (her loyalties are to him first)/ Cupid (he doesn't mind her divided loyalties)/Hades (he doesn't like being third, but what can he do?)/Autolycus (a fellow to have adventures with)/Joxer (she's got a soft spot for him)


Name: Ped... short for... Well I'm not gonna say for sure, I'll just leave you guessing.

Aliases/Nicknames: CHPed (CliffHanger Ped), Anala, The Loud Blond Chick, Giggles

Race: Human, although most everyone around the temple knows she is Syreena.

Trade: Warrior, Mercenary, Caster, Princess, Masseuse, Fortune Teller... Ped's been them all during her lifetime.

Special skills/powers: Ped is a caster of the Royal line, and is therefore very powerful (During her trip to another reality last fall this power was strengthened even more). She could probably destroy an entire continent on a bad day. I always seem to know when a loved one dies. I have been swimming almost as long as I've been walking. As the heir to the throne I was trained in all manner of fighting skills, armed and unarmed. My specialities are the longbow and broadsword though... I was even trained in a manner of fighting that is never discussed aloud, except to say that only women could ever become skilled.

Character background: Ped is the eldest daughter of the ruler of Syreena. She and her sisters, Jep and Gem (they are triplets), are all very skilled casters. Ped has a younger brother (by 5 years) named Brus, he is a caster as well. Ped is the prophisized savior of her race and she couldn't handle that so she ran away from Syra at the "tender" age of 13. For three season she traveled with a caravan of traders. She learned more about the world during this time than at any other time since. Among the caravaners she was called, Anala meaning "Beautiful Warrior". One day the caravan came to an area where a very peaceful people had lived... and they found the culture and peace slaughtered by their neighbors. Ped vowed that day to always preserve dying cultures within her mind... A few months later she finds herself in Greece, near the Amazonian lands. She had heard about these warrior women of Greece, and thought they could be the missing sixteenth Clan of her people. She found the tribe of Melosa and was adopted by its Hunt Leader as a daughter... for the woman had no children of her own, and was very sick (though she did not know it). After her death Anala (Ped) decided to leave the tribe, feeling she could learn no more from them. On her last morning she was sent off by her good friend, Tireas, Anala knew this would be the last time she would see Tireas alive again. Soon afterwards she met Draco for the first time. In a situation that neither Ped nor Draco will explain (in a story... Draco's done it "off camera"), Draco captured Ped and tried to sell her to slavers. But he didn't succeed. Also involved in this is an incident with Sake, that Ped is *not* letting Draco tell anyone. Also these unexplained incidents have Draco calling her "Giggles", or "My darling Giggles". Approximately three years ago, I was captured by a real idiot warlord named, Sysco, and escaped his camp a mere three hours later in the company of his Sister, Sophitia. The two of us have traveled together ever since, calling each other sidekick. About 18 months ago... Ped began to feel a strange emptiness inside (Okay she'd felt it before and dealt with it with drink), and decided to meditate on the problem. In a trance like dream she met with Pallas-Athena who spoke to her and told her only that a woman named Zepgirl could help her. Ped and Sophi traveled around for another six months until they found the Dominion temple of Ares, with head priestess Zepgirl. Ped vowed not to reveal her powers to the others if she could help it... because the temple was at the nexus of several lei lines, so she knew others would be drawn here as well even if they were unaware of the reasons. Vowing to remain and teach those sufficiently skilled, and protect those that were not, Ped became a Priestess of Ares. Last fall After completeing a favor for Psyche I made peace with Lord Cupid, on the day his temple opened. Then after the Halloween Party held here, I was transported to another realm. Upon my return a week later, I stayed at Cupid's Temple... and was therefore given the honorary title of Temple Guest. Recently Cupid offered me the job and title of Psyche's Representative at the Temple and I accepted...

Physical appearance: Height: 5' 7 1/2"
Hair: Very liberally white-blond streaked hair, that otherwise would be considered honey blond. My hair is wavy right now, but is curly when short (think Ephiny)... and It reaches 3/4 of the way down my back when dry.
Eyes: Sky blue at the center and get darker towards the outside.
Physical appearance: Muscled and tan... no lines.

Presonality Traits: I am WACKO! I mean I'm a member of the WACKO team so that should explain a lot. I'm extremely loyal to my friends... even if I do get a bit harsh with them sometimes. I have an extremely low tolerance for stupidity. I'm serious and quiet when alone, but in public I'm flirty and outspoken.

Hero worships: Kas, my mistress or teacher. I do admire some Grecian heros, but none can compare to the legendary Kas!

Cupid Temple Duties: As I am not officially a Priestess of Cupid... I cannot claim any duties. But recently Pysche asked me (through Cupid) to be her representative at his Temple... I agreed. Otherwise I am Temple Guest (and nearly overstayed my welcome last year when I stayed at the CT for the seven weeks between my return from the other dimension and the Yule Party).

HTMMTC: Ares, Auto, Herk, Cupid, Caesar, Cecrops, Hades, Hephy, and finally Iphicles (in no particular order).


Name: Darielle

Race: Demi-Goddess (lost daughter of Pandora and Epimethius)

From: Born in Greece, Raised in Siberia, later shipped to Egypt.

Age: 20

Animal Friends(PETS): Darian my Black unicorn, and Buck my Appaloosa-Arabian(horse), I have an aquaintance with Pegasus(but I have never riden him), Floppsey my squirrel, Vilk my big Wolf(form siberia)and Sintheas the Ocelot (like a mini cougar).

Most common invisible friends: Bartho(Dwarf), Christianna, Maggia, and Syrreah (farries) and my fave, Berserk (a friendly goblin..like casper!

Places I most often see my Invisible friends: Beside people I'm talking to, in the mirror, in shadows, and often sitting on my dresser or bed, Sometimes I see Berserk come in through my window but most of the time they just appear.

Habits: talking to "imaginary" people, and very clumsy if distracted or in deep thought. Completely Shame-less(don't even ask!), and doing little dances while I work or at important gatherings. I often will isolate myself if troubled by something. Amazon and Xena wannabe.

Special job: Takes care of the often deserted Northern Temples of Cupid.

Hunks: Cupid (duh!) Caesar, Hercules, Iphicles, Autolycus, Joxer, Ares, Apollo and Young Jason (from Young Hercules).

Trade: Don't have one yet (too young) but served as a harem girl, and is aspiring to become an assassin (warrior)

Skills, Powers: So far I can speak to animals(refer to bio.) have great strength,and over the years I have aquired animal-like traits (ie.swift as a deer...)Sing, and knowledge of herbs for healing. Extremely advanced horseman-ship skills(comes with talking to the animals), Dancing, Fighting with my hands, but my most common weapon is one(or more) of my many cleverly hidden daggers(being an assassin makes swords rather clumsy)and flying stars(like ninja's use) and I can use the Cross bow(again the assassin thing).

Physical Appearance: 5'8", muscular, Short blonde hair, funny coloured eyes that reflect background but are overall green-brown with red flecks. The Amazons dyed my hair black once, and they helped me make a cool black-metal armour which I only wear at important battles.

Temple duties: High Priestess of the Northern temples
Priestess of Cupids sense of humor
Keeper of the temple animals(horses, birds...)
Priestess of the Dance

Bio.: My parents are Pandora the mortal and Epimethius the titan. When I was just a baby, my mother accidentaly left me in the woods where a man took me to a far Northern country called Siberia. There I was raised by cruel peasants. I grew up on a desolate farm, and the only place I could enjoy myself in was the near-by forest. Here I had no other children to play with so I frist learned to make-up my own friends, but then one day a squirrel asked me who it was I was talking to. Since Epimethius was my father, I quickly learned the body and spoken language of the animals. Also, being my only friends, the animals bestowed gifts upon me as my father had upon them. The deer gave me swiftness, the bear strength, the owl night-vision, the wolf stealth, and finally the squirrel agility. Unfortunately my adopted family was begining to run out of food and money so they sold me to slave traders. So I journeyed by ship, and foot, to Egypt where I was handed over to a tribe of Arabs. In this tribe (I am at this time only 15 years old) I was put into a group of other girls who had to dance at parties. Since dancing takes a lot of work, I became even more fit and agile. My gifts caused me to become a favorite among the other harem girls. Even though I was a slave. I was living a good life. Until one day my lord anounced that he was giving me away as a gift to some prince in Egypt. This I did not like. So using my animal gifts I stole a dagger, and killed my lord in the night, I also killed many of his gaurds. Although death scared me, it was so easy to do. I ran away to greece, where I asked for shelter with a band of Amazons, I spent two years with them and learned much of their ways and fought with them in many battles, although I was never christened as an Amazon, I made many friends and would fight to the death to protect one of my "near"-sisters.

Personality: Mischievious, Happy, always looks on the bright side, Habit of making up imaginary(or are they) friends, and has a tremendous crush on Cupid (although he doesn't know it, only a few Priestess' know, and they would NEVER tell him!)and of course very very hard to understand at times (comes from being a scoripio), Mysterious at times too (the crush thing).

Aurora Name: Aurora

Race: Greek

Birthplace: Adanonia, Greece

Trade: Wine Maker, Glass Blower

Skills/Powers: Change Form, Cure The Sick, Awesome Voice, Creates The Constellations

Physical Appearance: Golden Brown Hair That Falls Several Inches Below My Shoulders, Eyes Bluer Than A Clear Sky That Sparkle With The Dust Of The Stars, Lips As Red And As Full As The Rose, Skin The Color Of Copper-Bronze And A Tan That Glows Like The Sun's Rays And As Soft As Silk, Slender And Graceful, Curvey But Firm

Temple Duties And Titles: Priestess Of True Love, Priestess Of Music, Keeper Of The Stars

Summary Of My Past: I once lived in the small village of Adanonia, in Greece. My parents died of a disease when I was seventeen. Later on that year, a warlord came to our village demanding that one of the most beautiful girls go away with him or he would destroy the village. Since I was the only girl who didn't have a family, I volunteered to go with him, so he would spare my home land. Several days later, i found out that he had destroyed the village anyway and killed everyone in it. Outraged, I fled from his camp. Some of his guards saw me, and chased after me on their horses. About a mile away from the camp, they confronted me, and we began to fight. Xena and Gabrielle were nearby at the time, and quickly came to my aid. Because I had no homeland to return to, they asked if I would like to travel with them. I graciously accepted. During our travels, Xena taught me how to use weapons, pressure points, and perfected my riding skills. Gabrielle told me stories, read me poetry, and showed me how to use a staff. One day while I was with them, Cupid came up to Xena asking for help. Aphrodite was forcing him to cast spells on all the people she despised. Xena, Gabrielle, and I set off to find Aphrodite and call in the favor she owed to me, because of the trouble I once talked her out of with Hera. Aphrodite reluctantly agreed and she stopped trying to force Cupid to cast spells for her. Thankful for my assistence, Cupid offered to make me a Priestess in his temple. I accepted, and thanked Xena and Gabrielle for everything they had done for me. From that day on, I serve as the Priestess of True Love and Music plus I was given the special duty of creating the constellations, so I also became Keeper of the Stars.


Race: Celtic, Scottish, Greek, and a little Welsh

Trade: princess of the guardians, warrior priestess

Skills/Powers: I have the power to heal anyone whose heart is pure. I can also calm anyone and set his or her soul at ease just by my presence. I am a warrior trained by the Amazons and the gods. I have the ability to enchant all animals and to communicate with them as well. Since I am a guardian I am immortal(and have mostly the same powers as the gods), can communicate with other guardians and occasionally humans through thought, I can disappear at will, I can turn into the shape of other people, objects or animals, I am skilled in combat with all weapons known to man or god and I often go flying with Cupid.

Physical Appearance: ruby red hair that goes down to my waist, emerald green eyes that change to almost every color, 5'8, bronzed skin, a kind face that is desirable to every man (even gods), my body is muscular and trim

Temple Duties and Titles: Cupid's Representative to the Gods, Cupid's Counselor, Priestess of Cupids Kiss, Caretaker of Cupids Affairs

Brief Summary of Your Past: I come from Ireland, where I was found by one of Aphrodite's priestesses, Kalia, on a visit there. Kalia took me home to the temple with her to live, and I met Cupid. We were still children, but we became the best of friends. When I turned 5 I went to live with the Amazons to train. During an Amazon raid I was captured and sent to Ireland. I was working as a Slave when this man walked up to me and smiled. The man, Taliesin, bought me and took me to his castle. I later learned that he was a guardian and that he was the prince of the Dragon King Legion within the guardian empire. I became good friends with Taliesin and he pronounced me his heir, wherein I became a guardian and learned how to be a leader. At the age of 853 Taliesin decided that he would resign from the Legion, and left me as the princess. I was overwhelmed at how much responsibility being princess of the legion was but I got used to it. The council of the guardians were impressed with my leadership of my legion. The council demoted one of the leaders of another legion and placed me in charge. At the age of 19 I returned to Greece and after much searching, I found my mother, Kalia, and I became apart of temple life again. Cupid and I renewed our friendship and had many adventures together. After Cupid married Psyche, he came to me and asked me to be a priestess in his temple. Since then I have become an important priestess in Cupid's temple and the council of the guardians has put me in charge of 5 out of 8 legions. Area You Are From: I come from the guardians castle in Ireland, yet my home is always in Greece.


Race: Human

Trade: Martial arts teacher

Special Skills/Powers: Martial arts, use of a dagger she carries in her boot

Appearance: 5'2", very long..very dark hair, dark brown eyes, high cheekbones, slender build

Personality Traits: Feels no fear at getting involved in a fight. Her attitude is "the sooner I die, the better I'll like it". If she sees an injustice, she's going to help no matter what the cost to herself. The reason for this attitude is something very traumatic that happened in her past that is buried in her memory so deep that her mind has hidden it from her.

Background: Has been traveling so long she doesn't really remember where she came from. She started traveling after her family was massacred.

Temple Duties/Titles: Priestess of Hope


Race: Human/Irish

Trade: Healer/Free Wandering Spirit

Skills/Powers: Mystical healing forces, amazing recuperative powers, ability to communicate with animals, swiftness, exceptional fighting skills..especially with a staff. I control the winged horse Gaia, who has been my faithful friend since I can remember. Able to leap tall mountains in a single bound (just kidding). :)

Area From: The forests of Ireland, which of course bestows upon me the ever beautiful "Awrrish Acsent"

Personality Traits: Fun loving and outgoing. I'm also clever and witty, yet do not lack sensitivity. I have met many people throughout my travels and have become accustomed to many different ways of life. I'm open-minded and free-spirited. I've set out to learn how I may utilize my powers to assist man's suffering. When I get angry though, I will most certainly "put the smack down".

Special Job: Official Goof of the Temple..I'm there to lighten the mood

Appearance: 5'4" and slender. Don't let my appearance fool you, my tiny-toned muscles pack a huge can of Whoop@$$! I have aqua-blue eyes and golden hair (my portrait was taken after I dyed it..hopefully it washes out..I like my golden hair)

Temple Duties/Titles: Official Bleacher of the Golden Locks/Summoner of the Ice Shower/Priestess of the Sacred Roman Temple/Keeper of the Sacred Mop

Background: I was born in the mystical forests of Ireland of two mortals. My father was the wisest man in the land and many came to our secluded home in the forest to receive his advice. My mother died while giving birth to me..however, the Gods..who respected my wise father..blessed me with the power to heal. This gift was given to me as a memory of my mother and a way to save those who were suffering as she had. I grew up among the animals of the forest and was taught to communicate with them by my all-knowing father. It was he who gave me Gaia, my winged friend and transport. I left home at an early age in order to use my gift from the Gods. With every person I helped, the pain I felt for the loss of my mother slowly healed with it. In a sense, I heal myself every time I help someone. I traveled to far off places and learned many different skills, such as fighting, which I usually use in a defensive manner. It was through these travels that I came across Cupid's Temple. I saw the good that the Priestesses' had set out to do (not to mention the fine God they praised!) and immediately joined. Now I continue to serve humankind as well as Cupid.

Hunks: Cupid (dah!)/Ares (double dah!)/Caesar, Julius Caesar (the man may be evil, but when you look into his eyes you just cannot resist, kind of resembles someone too..I can't quite put my finger on who..*S*)/Iolaus (strikes me as quite cute)/Joxer (I even find a little cute..) This could go on for awhile so I'll just stop right now and save everyone the misery.


Name: GabXantia: Britannia Tribe Leader (aka Xantia: Priestess of Destiny and Temple Sorceress.)

Role in the Trybe: Leader and Sorceress.

Role in the Temple of Cupid: She is summoned when any of the priestesses or priests are in need, local agony-aunt. She helps with sorcery and spreading love in Britannia. Loves to help in love spells, especially on Warlords or swine.

Race: Britannia origin.

Age: 26.

Gender: Female.

Weapon: Sword of Justice and Leadership.

Personality Description: She is a good and just person who believes in the quest for glory, freedom from slavery to her people and the liberation of the Divine. She is very mysterious, her powers are kept hidden and no one knows exactly where they are from. We believe her to a healer of souls. She has saved many people and turned them into warriors of peace. She can use sorcery for love and help the suffering. She loves to spend time with her friends and family. She's talkative and gives good advice. She has an incite to other peoples fate and their destiny in life.

Quotes: "I too shall be brought low by death but until then, let me win glory."

Her Story: She once lived in a small village in the north of Britannia and at the age of 12 her village was ransacked by warriors of Morton and taken to Greece to become a slave. She was sold to a man called Lord Tallous, he sent her to work helping the warriors blacksmith to make the best armour in Greece. She would stoke the fire and gather coal. All day she would watch the blacksmith beat the hot steel into beautiful glimmering swords with cut-throat edges. Every now and then she would see Tallous's army practising their fighting skills in the yard. She wondered if there was a chance she would ever be free of the slavery that bound her to a life of meaningless suffering. But she had faith, late at night she would dream of being the blacksmith and making her own sword, the sword of justice and leadership, it would glimmer in the darkness and despite the black soot from the coal it remained immaculate, like a diamond in the rough. She saw this dream as a sign that one day she would be saved and that the Divine light will come and carry her. We know this to be true as she leads the Britannia Tribe, but she has never revealed how she escaped from Tallous or where she made the Sword of justice and leadership, when the tribe ever question her about it she replies "The Divine saved me, from myself and others. We need not ask or question the methods, only know the outcome ". After she was liberated from Tallous she went out to venture and find her brother, Xanthos. She had no help from anyone, she received cold shoulders from the locals. She knew no one, forced to live in a land where her name was anonymous, it scared her. She held beside her the sword of justice and leadership and she hoped that with this sword she would have the power to lead armies to victory, she knew if it fell into the wrong hands it could be used for evil. One night she found herself struggling through the mud, exhausted and tired from walking long distances and scavenging for food. The rain fell down heavy and water covered her like a blanket, she was losing faith and started to question where she was going. She did not know the answer, she only had a calling from someone or something. She finally came to the end of her tether and could no longer move on. She fell to the ground and the mud began to swallow her. She could feel herself slipping away. She closed her eyes and prayed "Save me again divine, give me the strength,... I beg you,....my life has not been completed yet,.....help me find my strength and guide me to my brother". When she opened her eyes again she noticed a light glimmering by her side, it was her sword. It began to glow with radiance, she stood up and held it to her face. The rain washed away all the mud and dirt that covered her body, the rain stopped almost instantly. When she glanced at the sword's blade she could see a reflection of her fate, to go back to Britannia, heal many people and rule as leader of the Britannia tribe having Xanthos as her cooperative leader. This would be her tool to see peoples fate and that there will one day be a future without slavery. GabXantia had finally realising her powers with the aid of her sword, she needed help. The sword needed to be protected by more then just herself, if something happened to her, the sword could get in the wrong hands and destroy many things. She remembered the story of a girl in Britannia who left the country in the answer to a calling from the Gods in Greece, she later became 'Sinn, the High Priestess of the Temple of Cupid' and a priestess of Ares. Maybe she could ask for her help, the stories told that she was kind, loyal and loving. GabXantia knelt to her knees and called for Sinn. "Sinn I ask you to show yourself in love and light,... I ask you to protect me and my sword. I know you are a good and just person,...protect this sword from those who would wish to take it from me and use it for evil,..." She waited and Sinn appeared and granted her wish, she promised to guard the sword and bless it with love. Sinn saw into GabXantia's soul and saw the goodness she bestowed. Sinn offered GabXantia the chance to be reunited with her brother Xanthos, and for them to become priest and priestess in the temple of Cupid. GabXantia could not turn down such an offer, it was the least she could do for Sinn. GabXantia welcomed her offer but she knew that her first priority was to form the Britannia tribe. Sinn agreed and blessed the girl on her quest. GabXantia asked Sinn if she could be known as Xantia: Priestess of Destiny and Temple Sorceress to the Temple and her fellow priestesses, but known as GabXantia to the Tribe, Sinn agreed. She left GabXantia and went to find Xanthos, her quest was victorious as she found him in Britannia and reunited them once again. They both now live in Britannia and are working on forming the Britannia Tribe. When Xantia: Priestess of Destiny is needed at the temple she calls upon the power of her sword and the gift that the divine gave her. Her gifts give her soul the ability to exit her body and astral project herself to the temple, she is never there in complete physical form, in a way this protects her from any harm ie straying love arrows :-). But she does go to the temple in full physical form when Sinn or Cupid wishes it.

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