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Information on the Temple of Cupid

NOTE: The character of Cupid is played on the television shows Xena:Warrior Princess and Hercules:The Legendary Journeys by the kiwi actor Karl Urban. It is his interpretation of Cupid that the Priestesses and Priests choose to serve. If you'd like more information on Cupid or Karl himself, please see our links page or the Cupid:God of Love page.

Cupid's Temple is open to all who wish to serve Him..male or female. However, the Priestesses have come up with some "rules" for the Temple to make the experience of serving Cupid a more pleasant one for all concerned. Below you will find the "rules" and general information.

1)All females may be assigned the Titles of Priestess and/or Keeper (possibly others) if they so desire. You do not have to have a title to post in the Temple, but it's more fun. :) Please see our titles page for examples. To request a title, simply come to the Temple of Cupid and post an article called "title request" asking for the title of your choice, or to ask for help in choosing a title. Please choose no more than four titles and make sure that no one else already has the title you want. This is just to make things fair for any new person who may come along.

2)Any males who come to the Temple will be given the Title of Priest/Keeper or others if they wish. The same rules above apply to the male posters. No more than four titles, and make sure no one else has it already.

3)Regarding all Titles: Anyone who comes to the Temple and requests a title, then disappears without a trace will lose their assigned titles after a period of three months. The exceptions to this rule will be Priests/Priestesses who are "regulars"..that is..they have posted numerous times and they pretty much know the other Priestesses. If one of the "regular" Priests/Priestesses disappears, their titles will be up for grabs after a period of six months.

4)If someone is about to have their titles thrown back into the pot for new Priests/Priestesses to choose from, either Kim or I (the High Priestesses) will post a "WARNING" topic to let everyone know. That way, if said Priestess/Priest is still around and just lurking, they can respond and keep their titles.

5)The Temple is all about story-telling, fantasy, and role-playing. Any posts relating to Cupid and/or Karl Urban are welcome. Many of us write stories or poems involving Cupid and the other Priestesses/Priests. Each of us invents a "character" to serve Cupid, and if we wish..have our "portrait" and "background info" posted in the gallery. To find a portrait, try doing a search under "fantasy art". If you need any suggestions on where to start, or if you have any other questions at all, please feel free to email us at the address on the bottom of the screen.

6)Your Priest/Priestess background info should basically consist of the following:
Physical Appearance
Temple Duties and Titles
Brief Summary of Your Past
Area You Are From

7)All of the above information should be emailed to me at the address below, and I will put it on the webpage.

8)Meetings will be held about every month or so in the then-present Temple of Cupid. Any ideas, concerns, announcements, etc..may be brought up there if you wish. Sometimes you may be asked to vote on a certain issue. The "meetings" are just replies to a posted article titled "Meeting"..they're not in a chat format, and they're pretty informal. Any other questions you may have about them, feel free to send an email.
9)Only one more thing..please be nice to your fellow Priests/Priestesses. We're all here to get away from RL and want to keep this a fun, peaceful place to be.

Cupid doing the thing he does best

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