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Backgrounds of the Priestesses

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Race: Human/Bacchae

Qualities: Loyal friend and good listener

Special skills/powers: Ability to keep any secret. Very good with a bow and arrow and weapon of choice. Her use of this weapon is for target practice and quiet time. Gifts from Apollo: Voice and ability to write music/poems. She has Bacchae senses..ability to see clearly in the pitch dark..extremely strong when these abilities are in use. She can be lethal.

Personality: A gentle touch, quiet and demure. Extremely sensitive and has a tendency to be a little insecure. Follows the rules and lives her life to please. Loves life and has a good sense of humor.

Appearance: 5'2"/Long jet-black hair to waist/Slithered-cut along the sides and curls inward, shaping her face. She has a heart/round-shaped face with almond-shaped eyes that are blue-green in color and nicely defined lips that are naturally red in color. Her skin is a very creamy white. Her body is shapely.

Temple Duties & Titles: Keeper of Secrets/Interface to Apollo/Priestess of Intrigue/Priestess of Lust

Background: Fushia grew up living a very sheltered life. She was taught to please and never really grow as a person until after her village was destroyed. She would spend time in a clearing by herself, or with her best-friend..learning the bow and arrow or throwing daggers..as well as writing music/poems. On the day her village was destroyed she met Ares. He saved her from being violated by the Warlord and his warriors who leveled her village. Her mother was Klio..once a Muse for Apollo. She was seduced by Ares one night and Klio was exiled. Ares is not the father, but when Fushia was born, he asked Aphrodite to give her dark hair, to spite Apollo. Being the Goddess of Fertility, Aphrodite could only do the first, and Apollo gave her the name Fushia and blue-green eyes to spite Ares. As a child, Klio dedicated Fushia to Apollo, but because she was saved by Ares, she dedicated her life to him. She is, however, a Priestess of Cupid and Interface to Apollo. This is a mutual agreement between the Gods. She spends much of her time trying to help out and fit in at the Temple. She also spends her time trying to find peace with her past.


Race: Vampire/Demi-Goddess

Age: 15

Appearance: Standing at 5 feet 4 inches tall, most people tower over this small Priestess. Klemena is very slim with a willowy figure. She has long, wavy black hair that falls down to her waist. But the most odd thing about Klemena is her bright violet eyes, which attract the attention of people wherever she goes.

Pets: A doe named Aphrodite and a Ferret kit named Rhea

Special Skills/Powers: Klemena is half vampire and half Demi-Goddess. She recently found out her father is Hades. Klemena won't be killed if she goes out during the day, but her skin will be burned badly until she gets more"experienced". Unless it's a cloudy or dark day, she will venture out with plenty of clothes covering her body and tries to stay indoors..but mostly, she sleeps during the day. She has super-human strength, a quick learning ability, super-senses (smelling, seeing, hearing) and Immortality (unless someone stakes her through the heart and chops off her head). She also has the ability to turn into Mist whenever threatened. Normally friendly and sweet, it's easy to get the impression of a defenseless child. But whenever Klemena is threatened, is in severe pain or duress or has not fed for several days, she becomes a beast fully capable of killing. However, she would not attack one whom she loves, trusts, or knows well unless provoked. For the most part, Klemena is normally the sweet little girl she looks to be.

Background: Found next to a river near a village just outside of Rome, Klemena was weeping tears of blood after her first kill. Less than an hour afterwards, Ares:God of War discovered her. After speaking of a great destiny, he took her back to his Temple to train Klemena in the art of war. Only fifteen years old and confused by her new "gifts", Klemena went with him. She later met Cupid..The God of Love at a party, and after a little discussion, he convinced Klemena to come and serve him as well. Ares was slightly annoyed by this, since he had plans to use Klemena as a weapon, and it would be hard to encourage those traits as long as she served the God of Love. However, after a long talk with his nephew, the God agreed to let Klemena go on the conditions that she live primarily in his Temple, she could be called away on a war at his wish, and that she somehow keep her duality..thus keeping her loving, carefree ways as well as her more blood-thirsty, animal side. Klemena takes all her "needs" for blood outside of Cupid's Temple. He understands and has compassion for the young and confused Priestess. Klemena takes her service to both Gods very seriously and is fiercely loyal. She spends time at both Temples, doing small chores and duties as they are assigned. Cupid is always willing to listen to any problems the young, vampiric Priestess has and opens his heart to her completely. Although Klemena considers Ares to be her father figure, she has developed a brother/sister relationship with the Winged God. Often encouraging the friendly bond, Cupid lovingly refers to Klemena as "Mena" while she calls him "Cupee". Klemena is normally one of the first Priestesses to greet any new persons to the Temple, whether they be travelers, novices, or beggars. Her understanding and compassion are great. Klemena never turns down anyone who wishes or needs friendship, and is very loyal and protective of her friends. If you are looking for an ear to listen to your problems, Klemena is always there. No task is too big to ask of her. In most cases, she would take a stake through the heart for a friend.

Temple Duties & Titles: Klemena is Priestess of Duality..she takes care of any that are fighting in two sides of a war (outer and inner). She herself is in a battle of inner instincts. Also, Klemena is Priestess of Instincts..Being a creature who relies heavily on instincts, Klemena has been given the power (by Aphrodite and Cupid) to influence the ones in others. If there is a problem with a person whose instincts tell him to avoid the love Cupid has chosen for him, Klemena would take care of that problem. It could also imply more basic instincts..like the need for food or shelter..but unless ordered by Cupid or Ares, Klemena would not mess with another person's needs. Klemena is also Keeper of the Lovers' Mist. She's never really used this one, but Cupid assures her it will come in handy. In Klemena's mind, she believes it has something to do with her ability to turn into a Mist. One of her most important duties is Priestess of Understanding. She is always there to listen and give sympathy, compassion, or advice to anyone in need of it. This keeps Klemena's hand firmly implanted into her more kind nature, instead of the beast-like one which is always on the verge of breaking through.


Race: Celtic/Elven

Trade: Elven Lady/Scout

Special Skills/Powers: Slightly telepathic/Good with magic, bow & arrow, dagger, and staff

Appearance: 6' tall/Black hair/Green eyes

Area From: Underhill

Personality Traits: Sensuous/Thoughtful/Helpful/Loves to have fun/Loyal to her Sister Priestesses and Cupid

Background: She left her home on the command of the King to live and learn everything she could about mortals as they had not been seen for quite some time. She made her way to Greece where she found Cupid's Temple.

Temple Duties & Titles: Priestess of Sensuality/Priestess of Passion

Hunks: Cupid/Ares/Iolaus/Hercules/Sinbad


Race: K'dani..has lived many lifetimes

Trade: None

Special Skills/Powers: Can read minds/Uses powers of suggestion in voice/Good with sword and crossbow

Appearance: 5', pale blue eyes, and long dark brown hair

Personality Traits: Fairly easy-going to a point..push me too hard and I push back

Background: K'dani's aren't Immortal..they go through rebirth. After they die a type of reincarnation takes place, but we come back pretty much the same people we were when we died. I came to Cupid's Temple after Ares told me to go find myself.

Hunks: Hercules/Iolaus/Davrarn..K'danis' Lord of the Undead/Cupid/Ares/Mikah..K'danis' Lord Death



Trade: None

Special Skills/Powers: I can do many things with just thought. Kill, plant thoughts and suggestions in other peoples' minds, burn, start fires, inflict pain. I can only inflict intense pain on a God, I haven't the power to kill one yet. I need no weapons of war..I *am* a weapon of war.

Appearance: 5'6"/Slender build/Violet eyes/Long pale-blonde hair that when braided still reaches my hips. It's too long to wear any other way, so I keep it braided except for certain occasions.

Background: I'm from the Future. I've come back to right some wrongs. I came to Cupid's Temple to try to get some peace from the hate inside me.


Race: Human

Trade: Weapons Teacher

Special Skills/Powers: Incredible memory, skilled Warrior, sexual or mistress trainer and telepathic powers (make things levitate with my mind, see the future, etc..)

Appearance: Long blonde hair, greenish-blue eyes, muscular but lean, loves to dress in red (very dark red), about 5'10", sensual and some say dangerous

Personality Traits: Outgoing, adventurous, humble (especially when Ares is around), fierce Warrior, quick tempered, passionate, dedicated to the Temple, very understanding and logical, but I have a good sense of humor

Background: Born in Britain (Britannia), was kidnapped at a young age by a Warlord named Prodizo. Was taken in by the Amazons after the slaughter of Prodizo and his men. I lived with the Amazon Priestesss, Drason, until I was 17. Trained or perfected telepathic capabilities by Carnoras. Went exploring most of Greece..became a good friend to Xena, then went to serve Ares. On a messenger trip to Cupid's Temple, I had a fling with Cupid and have been a dual Priestess ever since.

Temple Duties/Titles: Priestess of Cupid's Defense, Trainer of Temple Mistresses, Priestess of Music, Keeper of Erotic Dreams

Fave Gods/Heroes: Ares/Cupid/Athena/Xena/Hercules/Aphrodite


Name:Lilliandra(called Lily by the people closest to her.)


Background: For as long as Lilliandra could remember,she had lived on the Aegean island of Delos. The island which rose up from the sea at the thrust of Poseidon's trident and was the site of the Delian games. The same island where Leto gave birth to Apollo and Artemis. Once a long time ago it had been rocky and barren. It was a small island but was now beautiful, and had been for quite some time. There Lilliandra had lived in a palace near the Sea,actually so close to the sea it was almost nearly to the shore. She was not the princess or anything at all similar but she had lived there with the king and queen,and their daughter.Well they were a king and a queen to a large degree. They had a palace,and there were some other inhabitants of Delos, of which they ruled over. Lily had always lived on this small remote island and thought of Menos and Estesia as the king and queen there, for they were the only ruler's the small island had. She had not questioned really why she had grown up *there* in that small remote island, though the thought crossed her mind many a time, but it was futile to seek the answers. Lilliandra had always known that she was not their child,and they had treated like she wasn't. They were all distant towards her, unfeeling usually, mostly indifferent and Lily wondered often why she lived here with these people. Just why?? She was just...living there. Their daughter Anais was older than she by several years difference, and was quite jealous and haughty. If there was anything that Lily disliked, one thing was that she disliked extreme arrogance and pride, vanity and haughtiness. Confidence and faith was a different thing entirely, and Lily had plenty of that. Lily cannot tolerate lies and deceit and always wants the truth.Maybe one reason is that she desperately, secretly yearns for the truth about herself. Anais was not at all like a sister to her and Lily has never really experienced family Love, like so much she has yet to experience. She does not know anything of her true parents, whom they could have been or what they had been like. She quit asking these questions when she was a young child, seeing that it was futile and they would hardly utter a few words about them. Just that they were dead, both of them.. But Lily knew somewhere out there the truth lay. Maybe it has yet to be unearthed..but she knew that someday she had to know.. .And she never quit wondering. Since so much of her past was yet a mystery,it felt as if she was not completely whole. As far back as she could remember, she remembered always living on the isle, but somewhere very far back into her subconscious, once in a great while, she sees fleeting glimpses of something of which she can not explain, something she knows nothing of, yet she..does.. It is like precious glimpses of a hidden lifetime and these glimpses are mysterious and frustrating to her. Often she is a mystery to all around her though, because she is yet even a mystery unto heself.. .

Physical and Personality Traits: Lilliandra is the sheer epitome of ethereal beauty. An almost tangible glow radiates from her, but it can not be seen by many, only the most perceptive who can see auras. She does not recognize it, although she had been often told that there is something celestial, maybe even unworldly about her. Maybe some of that could be the beauty within, which radiates outward as well. She has long radiant hair, almost to her waist, and of the most palest platinum blonde, that it is white. It is pretty long and it is most always loose and care-free, like herself. That is maybe one of her most striking features. It is just one of the rareitie's about her. Her eyes are clear, crystal, ice blue. It is not of any shade of blue that has before been widely recognized. It is not sapphire, nor turquoise or aquamarine or any other, but has its own distinctive unique color altogether. She is 5'9" in heighth. Lily is not a warrior, but a Lover. Not because she can not fight, but because she chooses not to. She loves the company of people, but sometimes she just craves solitude. She is often quiet,but in no way should you mistake her for being arrogant or shy. She is completely unshy,the exact opposite of shy. She has no inhibitions towards what she does. She is not one that cares for what others think either, and she is so care-free with her feelings that she does not often hide them. But if and when she did want to hide her feelings and sentiments,it would be hardpressed for a mere mortal or even Gods to know them. But sometimes she can be secretive about her feelings when she does not realize she is doing so. She observes and takes in all, quietly and contemplatingly, is involved in her own thoughts. She is definitely not anti-social, though and sometimes she can be the life of the party without that even being her intention. She does not dote on her beauty like some and when it is made reference to or something said of it, she is often demure and reserved about it, sometimes even shrugging it off and simply taking it in stride. She has such a huge capacity to Love, yet she had never experienced it. Oh It wasn't quite the same, but she feels Love many times over for nature and beautiful things, but most of all the Sea. She has a huge Love for all nature in its most precious glory, but most of all for the waters and the Sea. She has a high value of life, all life in all of its forms, so that is why most of all she abhors War and killing.. She loves flowers too, all kinds. Her favorite being the lillies and she often wears lillies and flowers in her hair. She loves to wear gowns and things of the sort, beautiful things,because naturally she loves beauty in all of its forms. Lily has a contrasting, startling look of both innocence and maturity about her. She has a deep inner strength. She loves life very much, not necessarily her life, but all Life in general. She very seldom gets angry, she doesn't let herself become so. Things such as that hardly ever bother her in the least. And she hardly fears anything. Only a fool or someone that love's nothing could fear nothing, so she doesn't fear *nothing*, but fears very little. Since she is *RARELY* ever seen angry or *really* angry than it is not really know how she reacts to that.

Special Skills and Powers: Well, as for her *known* skills or powers, she has a powerful way with the Sea, a magical connection there. She can do many powerful and odd things with and oncerning the waters, especially the Sea. But she does not quite realize all of her potential, hardly *any* of her potential 'cause she has never tried to or thought that she had to demonstrate or use any kinds of magic or powers. To her way of thinking, she is just another mortal. For that is all she *can* believe about herself, as she does not know anything about her heritage, virtually anything about any of it. But,*is* she just a common mortal...or...something else entirely? She is the go-between, the intermediary and liaison to Poseidon. She has a connection there as well,especially since she holds power over water and the Seas, which she really doesn't even know a tenth of her potential...Perhaps there are other powers and skills as well, that have yet to be unleashed...

Titles and/or Duties: Priestess of Passion and Attraction/Priestess of the Waterfall/Priestess of the Sea/Liaison to Poseidon

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