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Backgrounds of the Priestesses

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Full Name: Risheta

Race: Naga/Fae (Child of Oberon)

Skills/Powers: Weaver of Magic; Sharp senses (almost supernaturally strong) a few times stronger than the average mortal; ability to understand and communicate with most reptiles and big cats (lions, tigers, etc); teleportation, levitation, ability to become invisible (both levitation and invisibility only work in human form), shapeshifting; ability to hide her thoughts from almost all Olympions (Gods, Goddesses, Demigods) and all mortal telepaths; immune to most poisons and toxins, including her own venom; limited telepathy with full Olympions (its stronger with her own people, demigods and normal mortals); empathic powers; ability to control the weather; expert archer; excellent horsewoman, though horses are skittish around her, due to her snake heritage.

Background: Risha was born on Avalon to Oberon, Lord of Avalon and Jacinda, a beautiful naga. While still in her mother, Titania placed a curse on Jacinda to keep her away from Oberon. The curse was absorbed completely by Risha. Once she was born, and strong enough to survive, Jacinda took Risha to Titania and begged the Queen to remove the curse from her daughter. The Queen hadn't meant to harm the child and tried to remove it, to no avail. The curse was irreversable. When she was ten, a warlord named Caleb killed Jacinda. Risha learned of her curse when she was consumed by rage. She tracked down the warlord and killed him. Titania saw the danger Risha was to herself and others and decided to intervene. She took the young naga under her wing and adopted her with Oberon's blessing. The Queen helped to train Risha in her magical traits as they emerged. She wanted to redeem herself somehow, since she was responsible for Risha's condition. Over time, Risha has gained some resistance to her curse.

Description: 5'5" tall with vivid blue eyes, mother's beauty, hip-length fiery-red hair, 21 in appearance, but really centuries old. In true form, all the above (accept height, of course). Beginning at waist, curving below her naval, she has a very long serpentine tail covered in sapphire scales with a baby blue underbelly.

Pet: Markus, a full-grown, mountian lion. Acts like protector as well as companion. Immortal due to Oberon's intervention. Kestra-a mountain lion cub (mortal), daughter of Markus

Temple Duties and Titles: Priestess of Flowers, Keeper of the Temple Roses, Liaison to Avalon. Duties are pretty much self-explanatory.

Area From: Oberon's castle on Avalon

Curse: Intense anger causes her snake heritage to take over. She grows sharp claws and fangs (which can deliever a harsh bite or deadly venom). Venom can paralyze or kill. Paralysis wears off fully within a few hours to a few days, depending on the dosage. Death happens within an hour of the bite. However, she rarely kills those she bites.

Note: Vunlerable to iron and the cold. After drinking some of Ares' blood, she has gained some resistance to iron's effect on her. Due to her curse, Risha has developed a taste for human blood, but only when she bites does she drink any. The curse makes her immune to most any kind of love potion, as well as Cupid's love arrows, love dust, etc..

Alpha Zoe

Name: Alpha Nickname: ZoŽ

Race: Goddess of Illusion (father: Ares, mother: Aphrodite)

Trade: Illusionist

Special Skills/ Powers: Since Iím the Goddess of Illusion, I can make things look better (or worse) than they really are. I can also levitate anything or anyone (including myself).

Summary: I thought that my parents were Iphicles and Automedusa (same parents as Iolaus) but was I wrong. Ares had been tracking me for years, so Iolaus took me to Athens to pretend to be a priestess at Athenaís temple. For years I was undetected by any warlords. I became skilled in the wipe, dagger, and hand to hand combat, so that if I were to face a warlord I could defend myself. But there was no way I could protect myself against twenty warlords, which just happened to be looking for me. They tried to take me to Aresí Temple, along the way I was beaten, starved, and raped. Right before we got there, they were defeated by Iolaus and Hercules. In the fight I fell unconscious, fortunately, Iolaus took me to Cupidís nearby Temple. At the Temple most of my wounds were healed but I was dying because of a hard hit to the head. Right before I died, Ares showed up and healed the rest of my wounds. A couple of days later, I found out that Ares was my father, and Aphrodite was my mother. Ares gave me back all of my godly powers and explained that he never wanted me to get hurt like that. So Cupid became my brother and Iolaus stayed my best friend (although I still treat him like a brother). And because I liked the Temple so much I stayed and served as a Priestess. I go to Aresí Temple sometimes but not to serve as a Priestess.

Personality Traits: I have Aresí love to fight, but I also have Aphroditeís ability to love. I still get uneasy when Iím around the warlords (not all, but some) because of what happened to me.

Appearance: Born with brownish/red hair and dark green eyes but since Iím the Goddess of Illusion, I can change my appearance very easily.

Temple Duties/Titles: Priestess of Illusion; Priestess of Family Love

Favorite Gods and Heroes: Cupid (even though heís my brother, you just canít help but love him.) Auto, Caesar, and I guess Strife (because he makes me laugh).


Name: Dian (nicknamed Unicorn_Queen by Ares and her sister Christina (Crisis the warlord)

Race: As far as known she comes from a land where unicorns are humans.. but when they leave that land they turn into unicorns or unipegs. She is a mortal human because of her mother.

Trade: She was a thief by the time she was 7

Skills: She is a thief, yet she also knows how to use a bow and arrow and a sword and can do a front flip and a high flip.

Powers: Are unknown to her at this point. They have not been figured out yet.

Personality Traits: Well she has a great sense of humor. She also acts as sweet as can be at times, yet if you get her mad she is a total bitch. Oh and also she is a virgin.

Appearance: She is 15 yrs old right now. she is 5'9" in height and has a face that looks like a child's so she can basically get away with anything. She has misty blue eyes that turn grey when she gets really mad. She is skinny yet not a pole. She has blonde hair with streaks of real pure silver that runs through it. (she inherited this trait from her father, who in my story she has just met) Also she wears a necklace with a pendant of a water-filled unicorn.

Background: Her mother is a mortal and stumbled upon the land of unicorns by mistake when she was brought forth to the king to be judged. He took to her favor and married her. A year after they were married she was kidnapped by some of Posadean's men. When she was kidnapped she was with child or with 2 children. The king didn't know about this. Her mother's name is Kenya and she later married Posadean after coming across some of his Ambrosia. Now since her mother was a human and her father a human when she was conceived she is a human who is able to talk to unicorns and control them. When Dian was 2 Kenya feared for the lives of her daughters and left them in a cave knowing they would be found by the hunters who used the cave in the summer. (In which they were) They were taken to an orphanage where the keeper not only hated children but despised them. When they were 7 Dian and Christina ran away from the orphanage going their own ways. Christina had told Dian that she planned to become a warlord by the name of Crisis, and so she did. Dian on the other hand took up a life as a thief. When she was 9 she stole a sword from a Roman Marketplace like her pendant given to her by her mother. It had a design of a unicorn on it that was cut into the hilt and filled with water. She hid this sword in a cave just outside of Athens, Greece. She was later picked up by slave traders headed to Athens. There she was bought by a boy of about 13 yrs. and was taken back to his house with him. His name is Andy he is the son of Autolycus. He taught her everything about thievery and learned that she already knew some of it. On one of their pickings when she was 15 she saw a unicorn being paraded off by a bunch of circus freaks and decided to rescue it from them. When she did she found that the unicorn was a true unicorn and that the circus people had put a fake horn on its head. She rode the unicorn without knowing where she was going. When she came to the Ocean Forest she then met back up with her mother who now had blue hair instead of blonde. Dian also noticed that everything in this forest was made out of water, even the birds. Her mother returned her sword to her. When she got back to Andy's home she met up with Ares who told her that her sister was in trouble. So Dian left to help her sister, taking along her unicorn (Morning Star) and her persian cat (Misty) who also wore the same kind of pendant around her neck for a collar. On Dian's way to find Crisis she met up with a faerie named Amberle and a candle genie named Lizalee. Then later they met up with Taura the last of the rue druids, who had been saved by the son of Ares..Ender. At the time Dian didn't know this and kicked Ender's butt. Ender had been Crisis's teacher (he taught Crisis how to be a warlord) She later met up with Moon_huntress, Zelena, Destine, Nymph, Fushia, Skye and Mikalus who Ares had sent to help Crisis. The six never met Ender. Dian later creamed Ender with a pie before she left Sare with the six from the Temple of Ares. There she became a Priestess to Ares and then she also later became a priestess to Cupid.

Temple Duties/Titles: Keeper of Unicorns

Fave gods: Aphrodite, Cupid, Ares, and Kenya

Fave Heroes: Xena, Jason, Hercules, Gabby, and Iolaus


Real Name: Sytease Smith
Current Alias: Shadiya Ray or Shadiya
Nickname: Shady

Background: Shadiya is from the late 20th century, and was brought to the temple of Ares by the Kronos stone. (time traveling stone). She became a priestess to the God of War, who made her immortal, and taught her lethal combat skills. She then set off on a quest to kill Hercules, and defeat Xena. When she found out the truth about Hercules and realized that he wasn't evil after all, she went to the Temple of Cupid feeling betrayed, and became a priestess to the God of Love. After some talks and some counseling with Cupid, she went back to the Temple of Ares, and now serves there as well as the Temple of Cupid.

Titles: Temple of Cupid- Priestess of Care, Priestess of Concern
Temple of Ares- Priestess of Agony and Ecstasy, Keeper of Friendship.

Profile: Height- 5'7"
Eye color- Ebony, with specks of Chestnut
Hair- Long, shiny, black, and to her back
Weight- 115lbs

Combat skills: Shadiya has the same training as all the other priestesses, combined with what Hercules taught her, and hunting skills she learned from Diana.

Special Weapons: Shadiya has two fans that are lethal. Forged by Hephaestus himself and given to her by Ares. They can cut down a solid oak tree 100 miles away.

Personality: Shadiya is a sweet, caring, passionate and understanding person. Anyone can come to her for advice or any problem that they have. She can also be very tough. She was hurt very bad once in the future, and hurt again by Ares, who she forgave. She swore to herself that she wouldn't let anyone else hurt her that way again. Trust is first and foremost in her life and she doesn't like being lied to.

Powers: Shadiya is Immortal, she has no powers at the present time.

Pets: A black jaquar named Raphael, A black horse named Midnight and a black hawk named Nightwing.. She doesn't really consider them pets, they are her animal friends.

Wise words: "To experience all things that are sweet in life, you must experience the Agony, before the Ecstasy."
"Friendship is both deadly and dear to us, for it is our friends that sometimes get us out of trouble, and it is also our friends that sometimes get us into trouble."
"A best friend can also be your worst enemy."

Hobbies: Collecting teddy bears made by Senticles.

Favorite past times: Talking to Cupid and Ares, and serving at their temples. Reading Gabrielle's stories about Xena and all their adventures.


Race: Witch/Goddess (mostly immortal)

Special Skills/Powers: Has many skills and powers. Has many spell books and can make hind's blood in her hands. She is also a fighter..mistress of the sword and staff. Can also use daggers and even the chakram. She can charm and gain trust in animals.

Appearance: 5'9"; 125 lbs; long, brown hair and brown eyes; age 21

Personality Traits: Pure of heart. Merciful and caring to others. She loves sitting in the gardens, writing poetry, and stargazing. She hates jealousy and evil. She can sense it right away. She is beautiful inside and outside, and loves her sister Priestesses and the Gods she serves. She is a protector and a lover, but when necessary..a fighter.

Brief Summary of Background: A new-found daughter of Ares. She was rescued by him while being chased by an angry mob after the death of her people..including her mother and sister. The last witch existing..she wears the symbol of her origins in a necklace.

Pets: Mighty--a pet tiger given to her by her beloved Joxer

Temple Duties/Titles: Priestess of Innocence; Priestess of Purity


Race: Daughter of an Amazon and a God (Demi-Goddess)

Trade: A little of everything, but mostly a Warrior.

Special Skills/Powers: Great with weapons (Swords, Bows); Intense fighter; Some God powers

Physical Appearance: 5'8"; 125 lbs; Dark brown hair almost to waist; Brown eyes

Personality Traits: Character can be a little agressive sometimes, but is also calm. Loves the night and the sea.

Background: When growing up as a child, I discovered my many powers. I learned how to improve them, and I learned who my father was. I often practiced on friends that I didn't really like, or had been arguing with. My mother, being an Amazon, didn't always approve of this, and decided to teach me her ways..those of the Amazons, true Warriors. I enjoyed it a lot and learned quickly, but still I pursued with my powers. I learned how to use my body and mind when fighting and using my powers (now I'm an expert). By the age of 16, mother died. Being that I hardly knew anything of my father, I decided to take time off and learn of him. I didn't like what I found very much, and soon returned to my Amazon Sisters. Now at age 19, I've learned of Cupid and Ares and their Temples, and wish to serve them.

Hunks: Ares; Cupid; Autolycus; Hercules

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