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Cupid:God of Love

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Cupid (Eros) is the God of Love..whose parents are believed to be Aphrodite (Venus) and Zeus, although some believe Ares is his father! He is represented at the beginning of Creation as sorting out the formation of the world. He brought order from chaos and caused that which was previously barren to be fruitful again.

Cupid holds sway over the hearts of mortals as well as the Gods, therefore He is believed to be one of the most powerful deities. He uses two types of arrows. His golden arrows (with Dove feathers)..once piercing the human (or divine) heart infused that person with unremitting love for the first person whom they saw. The leaden arrows (with Owl feathers) caused indifference or distaste in those they pierced.

Cupid's son is the little mischief-maker Bliss (who has caused commotion around the Temple..see Zelena's story "Bliss") and He has a "wife"..Psyche..but we don't mention her much around the Temple. He is also thought to have a brother named Anteros ("returner of love").

Plato says that Cupid is the striving of mankind to the pure, good and the beautiful. In the Dionysian Mysteries, Eros (Cupid) is the most ancient deity and is referred to as Protagonist ("the first born"). He was believed to have emerged from the silver cosmic egg of Nyx (Goddess of Night).

We hope you will join us in celebrating the God of Love in all His glory. We strive to keep the Temple of Cupid a fun, peaceful place to spend time.

Apparently someone's been naughty..

Cupid with Xena on one of her visits to the Temple

Cupid in his "intense" mode

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